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Parking Regulations

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The City of Lougheed offers free parking for all guests. All parking at The City of Lougheed is limited to four hours and is exclusively for guest use.

Parking regulations are enforced to ensure that all of our guests are able to conveniently park. Notice of parking rules are clearly posted throughout all parking lots.

If a person is witnessed leaving the property without their vehicle or if a vehicle is left for more than four hours, the vehicle will be towed and the owner will be responsible for all related charges.

Large trucks and recreational vehicles are not permitted to park overnight. Permission will not be granted under any circumstances due to insurance and local regulations.

If your vehicle has been towed, Mundies’s Towing and Recovery Service can be called at (604) 526-9677 to arrange for release.

Notices may be disputed by contacting the Security Manager at 604.787.9239 during business hours.
Please include your ticket number, license plate and date of the violation.

Attention: The City of Lougheed Security Manager

#106-9855 Austin Avenue, Burnaby, BC V3J 1N4


Graeme Johnson

Executive Vice President, Leasing

Mitchell Mowatt

Representative, Leasing