08: Exceptional Value

A City Unlike Any Other

From its central and connected location to the thoughtful planning behind every amenity, The City of Lougheed is unlike any other project in Canada. This will be a complete and authentic city, where each neighbourhood works together, yet has its own charm. Where there is fresh greenery and open spaces. Where you can walk to everything you need and two SkyTrain lines can take you anywhere in the region. And where the shops, eateries and entertainment that make a great downtown are always steps away.

For Homeowners

The City of Lougheed is located in the heart of Metro Vancouver – a booming region that has consistently presented a lucrative real estate investment opportunity over the course of history. Properties along Skytrain surrounded by cultural amenities are extremely rare. And its visionary master plan is based on the fundamental real estate principles that increase value over the long term. Set to progress with the growth, trends and evolving lifestyles of the region, The City of Lougheed’s investment potential is set to grow through each stage of its evolution.

For the Community

The Lougheed neighbourhood is shifting. From a quiet suburb to a thriving hub for growth, culture and young energy. The City of Lougheed is at the forefront of this shift. It will have the elements of a world-class city – relevant retail, restaurants and cafes, parks and plazas, public art, Class A offices and +10,000 new homes. It will be the focal point that makes the community a destination. And everyone in the community will benefit from the value it brings today and in the future.

For the Region

Developable land in Metro Vancouver is scarce. Housing supply is constrained and demand is high, especially in urban areas near SkyTrain and amenities. As the population increases, the need for commercial and residential density outside of the downtown core is on the rise. With its prime location and visionary plan, The City of Lougheed will serve all of Metro Vancouver and enable its sustainable growth. The value it brings to its residents, visitors and investors will benefit the region and beyond.

The City of Lougheed is evolving into a 37-acre city. These are the 8 elements that will make it complete.