01: Vision & Master Plan

From Shopping Centre to City Centre

Today, The City of Lougheed is a regional shopping centre at the key access point connecting two SkyTrain lines, main roadways and one of the region’s busiest bus loops. Over the short and long term future, it will evolve into a complete and authentic 37-acre city.

The Evolution Has Begun

Great cities are not built over night. But every step along the way brings energy, advancements and the excitement of being a part of something that has never been done. The City of Lougheed is a long term vision that will evolve overtime.

The Eateries: Open Now

The City of Lougheed’s highly anticipated new Eateries serve quick quality fare in a fresh new space. From local poke to authentic Persian, the vendor line-up brings Vancouver favourites to one place. And with surprising touches like living walls and stone finishes, the Eateries offer a glimpse of the quality you can expect with every new addition to The City of Lougheed.

Phase One: Coming 2023

The City of Lougheed’s first neighbourhood includes four residential towers which will be home to more than 1,500 residents. An urban grocer, street front shops and cafes with spill-out patios will make the neighbourhood complete. These new shops and restaurants will form one side of the Main Boulevard – the future tree-lined main street through The City of Lougheed’s heart. Tower ONE is selling now. Learn more about living at The City of Lougheed

Everything In One Place

With time, the new restaurants, shops and conveniences will bring everything you want, need and enjoy to one place. Cafes, patios and eateries. Groceries, fitness and personal care. Banks and services. Doctors’ offices. Galleries and pop ups. Local boutiques. It’ll have something for everyone, the way that great cities do. And every piece will work together to be stronger together than they would be on their own.

The City of Lougheed is evolving into a 37-acre city. These are the 8 elements that will make it complete.